Are you dyslexic? Your feedback will help change the outcome of a new digital platform.
Feel free to answer ALL questions as briefly or fully as your please.
Because of dyslexic I am... *

Dyslexia is often described as a gift. How has it affected your life e.g. I am more creative
I think more awareness should be create around dyslexia because... *

My biggest struggle is...

I found out that I was dyslexic, age... *

The thing(s) that have helped me most with dyslexia are... *

e.g. favourite video/ website/ book
If you were to visit a website specifically for dyslexic resources. What would be your must have features? *

e.g. forum, worksheets, video content
Have a look at the website below. What is ONE thing you LIKE? ONE thing you would CHANGE? (please view on desktop currently not mobile friendly if unable to feel free to skip this question)

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